Will Comic Book Archie Marry Veronica or Betty? It's Likely Written in the (Astrology) Stars

An Astrology love reading for Archie Andrews, Betty and Veronica: Can this triangle be broken?

Archie Comic Book Love Astrology:  it's written in the stars

 You might think most of the world is focused on the relationship between Jon & Kate. Think again. There's a whole bunch of people wondering if Archie Andrews, the comic strip hero, will actually marry Veronica over Betty.  It's taken him more than 67 years to pop the question.

There's been great, renewed interest in this vintage comic book (which began in 1941), since it became knownthat  Archie finally decided to ask Veronica to marry him (Comic No. 600, widely available Sept 1). Since only the shadow (also known as the comic book creators) knows for sure whether a wedding will take place with Veronica (Ronnie, as she's known; I decided to chart these three characters to offer some clues as to what will likely happen to Archie. These clues may hint at what will happen, even if the comic book creators will not.

Archie:  is a Sagittarius, born Dec. 7. Although he's actually 67 years old, he doesn't look a day over 17. His hair is still carrot orange and he's as energetic as ever (which means, still clumsy and a bit of a bumbler). But Sagittarius are always up for fun; their good nature pulls many of us out of our doldrums (look how long Archie's been around amusing us). It's a different story in the romance sector. No wonder Archie hasn't been able to make up his mind. Sagittarians are idealistic and high-minded when it comes to love. Some people say Sagittarians are called "the bachelor sign", although they are quite capable of carrying on simultaneous public flirtations. Archie will do best with a wife who truly understands and appreciates him. His ideal wife should be able to see his finer qualities buried beneath his sophomoric surface. Interesting to note, Sags born in this decan (Dec. 7) are likely to become famous and maybe rich (i.e. licensing).

Veronica (Ronnie): is a Pisces, born March 19. She is artistic, intuitive, and able to swim her way out of most trouble. Veronica is rich, beautiful, and very much in love with Archie (for a long, long time). Like Archie, she has been drinking from the fountain of youth. Her looks have changed over time, but she's still wrinkle-free.  Veronica is also somewhat of a feminist. She wants to run her father's company one day. Some people consider her conceited, spoiled and fickle, but she and the down-to-earth Betty have remained friends forever. Betty is feeling more like a wall flower than a best friend, at this point. The old saying about Hell hath no fury like a Betty scorned applies here. Astrologically, Veronica has this much going for her. Her Signs predict she will make some guy a great wife.

Betty: is a Cancer/Moonchild, born June 29. This girl-next-door is the fan favorite when it comes to Archie choosing between his two girl friends. Betty is loving, caring and nurturing - a role model for her July sign. She's also lovely in a girl-next-door way and has not aged a wink, although like Veronica, her looks have changed over time. Betty is still full of energy and creativity.  Not only is she a good cook, but she's a good student, athletic, and an auto mechanic when need be. Her one drawback is how much in love she is with Archie (some say obsessed). Her decan (June 29) shows that she loves deeply (since Venus rules) and with great passion, to the point where she is in danger of become long-suffering and self-sacrificing.  Once a Cancer decides who she loves, she sticks with it (through thick and thin).

Prediction: Archie will not marry Veronica, because he will realize (at last) she doesn't understand him the way Betty does. Veronica has much to recommend her as a good wife (for someone), but emotionally-sensitive Pisces is often self-centered and self-contained in a relationship. It appears Veronica really wants to run her Dad's company (career over domestic engineering).  Archie needs much more in the way of a life-long companion (and a wife who can cook and tune up his car, wouldn't hurt).  It feels like Archie will marry Betty and they will live happily ever after, which is not possible in very many places, except for Comic Land.


Note: Archie Comics started 67 years ago. No.1, featured Archie, Veronica the rich girl & Betty the girl-next-door. In Archie Comics No.600, Archie proposes to Veronica (the scene takes place "in the future"). Recently the "irate" owner of a comic book store in Virginia (who couldn't imagine Archie marrying Veronica), sold his copy of Archie Comics No. 1. At auction, it brought $38,837. With special thanks to Kovels & Archiecomics.com. This is my 1972 Archie's Girl comic book. Compare and contrast.


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