How to Start a Comic Book Collection for Fun and for Profit Trading

Collect all types of comic books

I love reading comics. I have grown up reading comics, comic books and graphic novels. I still have a great collection of comic books, which go back to when I was a child. I enjoy reading the DC comics and the Marvel comics with their variety of Superheroes, from Superman, Batman and Spiderman to the Hulk, Dare Devil and the Mighty Avengers, along with a host of other equally powerful comic characters.

Comic Strips: It all started with the comic strip in the newpapers and then it gradually developed into comics, comic books and now graphic novels. There are a large variety of comic strips today, from the ones for children to the adult comics.

Comic Productions: The most powerful American comic book publishers are the DC Comics and the Marvel comics production companies. Each comic production company has a large number of comics with a great range of colorful comic characters. The Manga and the new creative comics are also now growing in strength and proportion in the comic book market.

Comic Value and Trade: The old and rare comics can fetch a high price in the comic market today. The best way to know the value of the comics in your collection is to check the online comic book stores. Comic book prices can vary from comic to comic. Sometimes it is the year of production,the event or the situation in the story, while at other times it may be the comic character featured who is in the news, with a new movie release, which can have an incremental effect on the value of the comic. If you are interested in starting trading in comics, it is then most essential for you to know the trends in the comic book industry, which can be very profitable, if you have a growing and valuable collection of comic books.

Comic News: The best way to keep track of the happenings in the comic book industry, is to be informed with all the latest news by visiting the comic book news sites on the web. The inside news, gossip and information of the comic book world can also be obtained by visiting comic book conventions, joining comic book clubs, and reading up on websites, blogs and Comic book forums on the web.

Types of Comics: At present there are a large variety of comics, from 3D comics, newspaper comics, erotic comics, Marvel comics, DC comics, to the newspaper comics, the adult comics, the Archie and superhero comics.

Collecting Comics: It is always a good idea to collect all types of comics and to specialize in a few types as well, depending on your interest. The greater the diversity of your comic book collection, the more chances you will have of finding a few rare and priceless ones in your comic book library. Always check comic book prices, so that you know at any time the value of your comic book collection.

Display and Preservation: Your comics need to be stored in a cool and dry place away from water and moisture. The normal practice nowadays, is to enclose a single comic in a thin protective plastic packet, so that the cover and all the essential details on the comic can be viewed even when stored or displayed.

Essential Ingredients of a Successful Comic:

1. Great Artwork

2. Good creative storyline

3. Unique Comic Characters

4. A Superb Production of the comic book.

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