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Graphicly Reviews Graphicly Forums Graphicly Coupons Similar Sites Comparisons Website Review & Ratings + Graphicly Coupons is a digital comic book store with over 2000 comic books that you can buy and download to a syncable library. Their titles come from more than 150 publishers including Marvel Comics, IDW, Top Cow, Archie Comics, Archaia Entertainment, BOOM! Studios, Devils Due and StudioComix. Many of the comics are free. also provides an immersive social experience. is available for a wide variety of platforms including iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, and the web (via their site or a Chrome webapp). Because you can synch your library it means that wherever you go, and whatever device you have with you, you can access your entire comic book collection.

Graphicly: What makes it different? is different to other comic book readers because instead of downloading CBR files you build a library up from their web store. It is also more than just a store; as it aims to give print publishers tools to create unique content for digital media, make content more accessible and allow people to interact in the community. browses comic books that are stored in the cloud but you have the option of downloading a list of books if you want to read your collection offline or store it locally.

The Android app also features an Activity Stream that shows comments and recommendations from friends or other members. When you load a comic book you can click on each panel to enlarge it. You can also add comments and attach them as little circles to any part of an image and share through Facebook. This social sharing makes it unique.

Graphicly vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Graphicly) has comiXology as its major competitor. There are other digital comic book stores and comic apps but apart from the main two the others are more limited in their scope. Panelfly is only available for the iPhone and Longbox Digital still appear to be determining who their market is. Longbox originally targeted Mac and PC desktops, when the booming side of the comic market is handhelds such as the the iPad and iPhone. These users are far more willing to pay for content than desktop users.

In late February 2011 MTV Geek reported that is the only digital distributor of Marvel titles on the Android platform. Marvel titles are very popular, and this gives them an edge over comiXology.  Also comiXology lacks are any social features beyond ratings, while lets you follow other readers and comment directly on pages and panels. Their homepage is designed to help you discover new comics and has a stream of comics-related activities.

ComiXology allows you to read comics page-by-page using the panel-to-panel reading style. Touching the “forward” part of the screen zooms into to the next panel and fills the screen with the image, keeping the text large enough to be readable. also moves from panel to panel, but instead of only showing the current panel, it fades out the rest of the page as it zooms in. This lets you clearly see where you are in the page, and how the current panel relates to those around it.

Graphicly: Pricing & packages has many free comics and most of the pricing is in the 99 cents to $1.99 range. This means that digital comics from more well-known publishers like Marvel are available for less than half the price of their paper editions. ComiXology has a very similar pricing chedule with most prices at 99cents and $1.99. Last August comiXology had their first anniversary sale where for 48 hours they sold the 99 cent comics for 79 cents and the $1.99 books for 99 cents. Panelfly is available as a free application from the iTunes App Store and their comic book prices range from free to $1.99. They also have some graphic novels which are more expensive and generally around $8.99.

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Feedback on the web for is generally quite positive. Below are quotes from various sources, some which compare to major competitor comiXology.

Jeffry Thurana:  “Appearance-wise, I personally think that this (iPhone) app is one of the few apps that seems to be “beautifully made“;”

MTV Geek: is the place to go on Android hardware if you’re looking for some digital Marvel stories.”

The Magaziner:  “But the most impressive feat is that, from what I’ve seen, even when you are zoomed in, the image and text remain crisp. The biggest turnoff for me using Comixology is that a lot of panels end up looking very low-res “

Mobiputing:  “Overall, the app for Android is attractive and offers a decent collection of titles which makes it a decent alternative to the ComiXology app for Android. But I find it easier to navigate in the Comixology app. When reading comic books in, I wouldn’t have figured out how to zoom in to make the text in a panel actually readable if I hadn’t stopped to read the instructions.”

Overall, can provide a low-cost immersive comic book reading experience, and is expanding rapidly in both the number of titles available and the number of platforms it can be used on.

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