Detective Comics #3 Review

A review on the New 52's Detective Comics #3.

Following the calamitous events that transpired in Detective Comics #2, it was revealed that the body the Dollmaker had presented to the Dark Knight had been a patchwork of body parts from three different human beings instead of Commissioner James Gordon as the body suggested at first.

The Dollmaker had disclosed his intentions to peel the vigilante’s face off as he had done with the Joker in order to put it up for sale to the highest bidder. Drugged, Batman had only to confront his captives with the aid of every available resource to him at the moment, through which he managed to survive by throwing himself out of a window with one of Dollmaker’s men addressed as Jack-in-the-box.

At the abandoned Gotham Mercy Hospital, Commissioner Gordon was seen lying within the confines of a barred cage, before discovering the signs of a surgery recently conducted on him while he was incapacitated before and the kidnapped girl Olivia Carr who explained for her presence in the premise that Dollmaker intended to adopt her and requested from the Commissioner the means to find Batman.

Meanwhile, the Dark Knight began interrogating his catch of the night, throwing him around a room presumably with the intention of extracting information as to the location, or locations, of Commissioner Gordon and Olivia, which proved rather taxing, as the Dollmaker presumably operated on his cronies in order that they could endure any amount of punches anyone could dish out on them. The exercise ended with the jester revealing the state of his tongue, or lack thereof.

On the other side of the city, Sergeant Bullock had the presses to answer to, what with the discovery of the stitched-up facsimile of James Gordon while out of anyone’s sight, Olivia managed to sneak into the police headquarters in order to flash the bat signal.

With only Wesley Mathis, the Ed Geiner of Gotham City killed by James Gordon during his early days on the force, as Batman’s only lead in the case, upon filtering through the body parts borrowed by Dollmaker and stitched into place on himself, the vigilante managed to deduce the antagonist’s identity: Barton Mathis, the son of the deceased serial killer who, while still as a child, was forced to watch his father at work.

Olivia managed to reach Batman through the bat signal, before endowing him the message from James Gordon as to the latter’s whereabouts. Left under the care of a police officer as the vigilante headed out in search of the kidnapped commissioner, Olivia reacted by stabbing the man, though it would have also seemed she decapitated the officer, on the basis that the distance between the man’s head and the rest of his body was somewhat farther than the conventional length of one’s neck could afford as she did so. The knowledge that the officer threatened to electrocute Olivia with a taser should she have persisted not to cooperate would only seem in keeping with committing such a heinous crime as an overreaction.

Arriving at Mercy Hospital, Batman was fully aware that he had been set up, and was greeted by a live feed of Commissioner Gordon gagged up and ready to be operated upon. One of Dollmaker’s cronies charged through a wall behind the vigilante, grabbing him by the neck and in consequence asphyxiating him. Batman soon found himself inside something of a ring as he regained consciousness, while Dollmaker stood outside among an audience, announcing that they were all present to judge the validity of the Dark Knight inside the ring, before setting on Batman a pack of Joker imitations on him, all armed with knives and tied to their wrists like marionettes.

Whatever motives the actual Joker had in all this, more significantly having his face peeled off, is as yet unclear, though on account of the man’s psychotic leanings, the chances of actually understanding them are quite nonexistent. It is more probable also that Batman and everyone involved may be dealing with Wesley Mathis himself, instead of his son whom Batman had deduced the Dollmaker’s identity to be, considering the Dollmaker had pointed out that it was his son the Joker had murdered and that he had referred to himself as a dead victim of James Gordon’s while he was in capitivity, which leaves the question as to how said serial killer was resurrected in the first place, assuming it was Wesley Mathis.


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