Deadpool #45 Review

A review on Deadpool #45.

evil deadpool

Deadpool #45 proceeds from the conclusion of the ‘You Complete Me’ arc in issue 44 with the introduction of Evil Deadpool, something the Merc with the Mouth would probably have seen coming a long time ago, born from the mercenary’s discarded body parts bearing pieces of uniform Deadpool previously had worn with the aid of his remarkable healing factor In the manner of a starfish, so to speak.

Throughout the issue, Evil Deadpool was contrasted with the original Deadpool, making the latter seem somewhat tame compared to a grotesque assembly of body parts with two right arms relying only on the instincts of one whose ridiculously efficient healing factor had woven him a whole nervous system from scratch. Both were depicted holding exchanges with voices represented in separate boxes of distinct colors from each other, a symptom typically indicative of schizophrenia, though on the whole, it may seem clumsy in such an arrangement for readers.

Upon the events that had transpired in England, Deadpool set out to the States as a stowaway in a freighter with the intention of keeping as low a profile as his whimsical disposition could bear, while the monstrosity that was Evil Deadpool hijacked a private plane with a similar destination in mind. Almost akin to the original mercenary, Evil Deadpool showed a tendency to kill without compunction or reason, though unlike said mercenary, he did not seem to appreciate material gain such as money, with the exception of pretzels and chimichanga, considering the Frankenstein monstrosity could only respond to the carnal desires originating from its taste buds and be unable to comprehend the need of a monetary medium for other forms of luxury. Torture and mass destruction also seemed to constitute Evil Deadpool’s other avenues of pleasure, such as leering at women and setting billionaires on fire before throwing them out of their private planes, the latter decision reached through a deliberation with Evil Deadpool’s black and white caption boxes.

Back on the freighter, after a meal that consisted mainly of dog food, the actual Deadpool, still fixated on acquiring the sweet release everyone was promised sooner or later except him, began pondering on recent events, most significantly the death of a psychiatrist obsessed over him and how relatively easy she managed it, much to his chagrin. Aside from the dog food, the mercenary also discovered an illegal shipment of foreign women, from which point he proceeded to slaughtering the whole crew.

After handing over the human import over to the Russian Consulate, Deadpool encountered a man on the edge of a bridge apparently trying to commit suicide while on his way to New Jersey for Mexican food, which might have come off as an awkward moment when the man suggested killing him would more or less arrive at the same end without contending with the man’s innate fear of jumping off a bridge. Whether the man had meant it with sarcasm remained in my opinion open for debate. Meanwhile, Evil Deadpool managed to teleport in front of a Mexican restaurant before confronting the cantankerous owner of the premise, moments before bearing witness to a fiery end of the unpiloted plane Evil Deadpool had teleported out of.

This is one of those rare moments where Deadpool was actually seen doing a good deed without putting a price tag on it, though the slaughter scene was almost never optional. The introspection on Deadpool’s part, despite being a bit heavy, alluded also to Deadpool’s disposition of rising over skyscraping odds, such as that of killing himself. Evil Deadpool on the other hand, while demonstrating a side of the mercenary that lusts purely for destruction, could well put readers in mind of Agent X, a corpse resurrected via Deadpool’s healing factor with an exceptional gift for firearms and a penchant for classical music who had once his own series that ran for fifteen issues; which might signify an unimaginative streak that eventually would wear down Deadpool’s own appeal.

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